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Eagles Kurt Coleman Is A Bargain Seventh Round Pick

Former Ohio State alum, Kurt Coleman was the clear leader of the Buckeye’s defense.  The Philadelphia Eagles drafted him in the seventh round, 244 overall.  Now, Coleman starts for an NFL franchise.  Not bad.

Coleman was a player in college that had the complete skill set a team looks for in a safety.  He is aggressive, hard hitting and fast.  Kurt ran a 4.55 forty yard dash at the NFL combine.  The big knock on Coleman was his size.  Coleman is listed at 5’11 195 lbs.  He actually plays bigger because of his pure tenacity.

When the Eagles drafted Coleman, they knew, at the very least, they had a stud special team player.  The Eagles did not know that Coleman would end up being their starting strong safety.  Why?  Because many other teams passed on Coleman.  Some scouts had Coleman drafted in the first 125 picks.  To the Eagles, there was little risk involved in their decision.

Fast forward.  Coleman started the season as a starter due to a Nate Allen injury.  After one miss tackle that led to a touchdown, Coleman was benched.   Obviously, that did not last long.  Now Coleman is entrenched in the starting line-up.

Kurt is really the only pure physical player the Eagles have on defense besides Cullen Jenkins.  Coleman’s toughness is an attribute that cannot be taught.  Furthermore, Coleman has proven he has good instincts around the football.

The Eagles starting safeties are only in their second year.  Coleman is a player.  Nate Allen is a work in progress.  Allen was picked as an early second round pick…..Coleman, much later.  Can you say value?