The Redskins Get Bullied In Carolina, Fall 33-20

By Kelso Carpenter

Well, it certainly felt like a trap game heading into Sunday;s matchup against the Panthers and the “trap gods” didn’t disappoint.  The Redskins came into Carolina at 3-2 but were in the middle of a quarterback controversy and were playing some below-average football.  The Panthers, on the other hand, had been playing a lot better than their 1-5 record would indicate.  Cam Newton is well on his way to offensive rookie of the year, and his team was only a couple plays here or there from a much better record.

Throw in the fact that, as I wrote about last week, the Redskins had lost six consecutive games against opposing rookie quarterbacks (V. Young, B. Gradkowski, T. Edwards, J. Flacco, M.  Stafford, S. Bradford.)

When it was all said and done on Sunday, Cam Newton ensured that that streak would extend to seven.

I’ll write a more in-depth Good, Bad, and Ugly article tomorrow, but here are some early news/notes from today’s game:

– John Beck showed some jitters in the first half, but settled down nicely, throwing for a touchdown and running for another.  He also had a late interception that might have been the receiver’s fault.

– Fred Davis was a beast, and so was Tim Hightower before he went down with a nasty-looking injury.  He may be done for the year.

– The offensive line did okay despite missing two starters.

– The defense got shredded pretty good, both on the ground and through the air.  Cam Newton proved that he’s the real deal, and Steve Smith looked like his old self, torching Josh Wilson left and right.

– Ultimately, the biggest problem for the Redskins today was the defense, not John Beck.

More to come tomorrow.

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