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Eagles: Michael Vick Benefits Most From The Bye Week

Six games into the Philadelphia Eagles 2011 season, Michael Vick has been beating like a rag doll.  Early in the season, the Eagles offensive line struggled.  There were many moving parts and personnel playing at new positions.  Michael Vick was the recipient of the result of early flaws.  Often, Michael Vick ended up on his backside.

The way Michael Vick plays the game was the other reason for the punishment he has taken.  Vick holds on to the football too long.  Sometimes he extends plays and the results are stunning.  Other times, he simply gets crushed.  Vick is a smallish quarterback by today’s NFL standards.

Out of all the Eagles players, Vick will benefit most from the time off.  He should have time to heal the bumps and bruises he has accumulated so far in the season.  The bye will allow Vick to come back rejuvenated.

The Eagles are coming back a 2-4 team.  There is no denying that.  Furthermore, they face their heated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, in a national prime-time slug fest.

Vick will be ready.  Andy Reid has an amazing 12-0 record coming off a bye week.  That is right; 12-0.  Michael Vick will play unabashed, fearless football.   Vick would probably like two byes.  His body needs it.