New York Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie Visits the ESPN Sport Science Lab

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When Antonio Cromartie entered the 2006 NFL Draft, scouts around the league were wowed by the physical talents that the former Florida State Seminole possessed.

The former San Diego Charger, now with the New York Jets, is one of the most physically gifted cornerbacks in the NFL.

While he may not be the dominant cornerback his teammate Darrelle Revis is, (and really, who is?) there’s no doubt that Cromartie is one of the best natural athletes on the team, if not the entire National Football League.

Recently, Cromartie visited ESPN’s Sport Science lab, where John Brenkus measured the 27-year-old’s speed and agility in a serious of interesting tests.

It’s pretty cool to see the math and science behind one of the NFL’s best athletes.

I suppose if this whole football thing doesn’t work out for him, perhaps he can have a nice fallback career as a soccer goalie.


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