Eagles Fans Are Torn With A Team That Is 2-4

By Frank Benditt III

At this point, some Eagles fans are negative.  Others are optimistic.  In all depends on your point of view.  The Birds are a 2-4 team.  They are last in the NFC East.  The Eagles have a surmountable uphill climb ahead of them.  That is the reality.

The good thing is that the Eagles have four divisional games still to be played.  Two against the Dallas Cowboys and one remaining a piece against the Giants and the Redskins.

I wrote an article awhile back entitled, “Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio:  All Eagles, All the Time.”  It is more true than ever now since the Phillies unceremoniously bowed out of the National League playoffs.  Eagles fans calling 97.5 The Fan or Sports Radio 94.1 are varied in their outlook on the Eagles.

Some fans feel Andy Reid should go and that the team, overall, is under performing.   The other half feel that the team can make a run.  Who knows?  I am on the side of taking each game, week by week, as a season unto itself.  That is how the Birds need to stay focused.  One week at a time.

Andy Reid is a good regular season coach.  My expectations are a good showing against the Dallas Cowboys.  Fans are torn.  Coach Reid is a bi-polar topic.  I feel he can turn it around.  Andy should coach better.  The players should have a chip on their shoulder.  Fans should drink  a lot of beer.  Cheers!



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