Will Andrew Luck Manipulate the Draft?

The “Suck for Luck” campaign is alive and well for multiple teams including the Miami Dolphins. Supposedly, Andrew Luck might not even come out this year, and if he does- there are rumors swirling that Andrew Luck will decide his fate- similar to how Eli Manning decided his.

It was only a few years back where the San Diego Chargers had the first overall pick. Eli Manning didn’t feel like going to play in the great state of California and told the Chargers he wouldn’t sign if they drafted it. Eli to this day claims that it was him all along, and not father Archie Manning who made the demands. Well, San Diego drafted Eli anyway, and then promptly sent him to New York in a deal that netted them Phil Rivers.

Andrew Lucky might be able to do the same thing. If Miami, St. Louis, and Indianapolis all finish in the bottom 3, Andrew Luck very well could determine where he goes to play. He won’t go to St. Louis because of Sam Bradford, which leaves Miami and Indianapolis. If Luck doesn’t want to go to Miami, all he really has to do is say I won’t sign here and force a trade- which he’ll get. If the Colts select him- he could do the same thing.

There is no sure thing with Andrew Luck, and that’s why this might be the most interesting off season yet when it comes to the draft. We’ll see what happens but sorry Dolphins fans- even if you get the first pick of the draft- Andrew Luck is no sure thing.

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  • lyle

    he can’t decline- the new cbpa is much more stringent in allowing players to select where they want to play, like elway.
    but yes he could make it known he was unhappy to go to miami (although that would be a good fit, unless he prefers the NW) then the dolphins might try and trade him for a kings ransom but again the new cbpa won’t allow bradford-money, luck is looking at a deal similar to what cam newton got. i am not sure about the trading- several teams who already have high paid QBs could prefer to trade luck, washington could try to trade fro him. i mean az is paying kolb 63 million and he is going to occupy those funds, even if luck is a bargain at 20 something over 4 years, that is still like on of the top paid players on the team and it is hard to win with a cap when you have guys like kold drawing 63 mil for nothing. that is why some teams should try and trade luck for players/picks rather than sign him themselves