Detroit Lions Go Into Wintry Denver

By Brian Cote

The Detroit Lions will be welcomed by more than just the Denver Broncos and their fans on Sunday. The team will have to deal with the harsh elements that the Denver weather has brought forth.

The Denver area was dumped on by more than just a blanket of snow. Bronco’s fans may point to the Lions being from Michigan and that Detroit should be used of it, but nice try. The Lions play in a dome and are more of a finesse team on offense.

The warm and friendly confines of a dome serve the young Lions well. The team was built for the indoors of Ford Field, but this is football and every team in the NFL must be ready to play anywhere at any time.

Detroit has a laundry list of injuries to key personnel coming into the game. The last thing the Lions want is to lose another player because of the weather.

Matthew Stafford claims that his right ankle will not bother him. Let’s just see how it moves in the Denver weather mixed in with the high altitude as he is forced to scramble outside of the pocket and throw on the run.

Team Tebow and the always rowdy Denver fans will be pumped as they have gotten their wish and demand with Tim Tebow now their starting quarterback.

The Lions will walk into a wild atmosphere on Sunday. Denver has always been a tough place to play for opposing teams.

Will the Lions be ready to silence Tebow and his fan base? Or will they fall for the third straight time?

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