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My Two Cents on ex-Chicago Bears Safety Chris Harris

Many of you including Lance Briggs on Twitter feel I’ve been giving Chris Harris too hard of a time after his release from the Chicago Bears. I feel that I need to defend myself on this one…

I don’t hate Chris Harris. My issues with Harris go from his big mouth. He’s been a fixture on Twitter and getting between him and a microphone is a dangerous proposition. He says the right things but can throw in some jabs at the same time. When Briggs and Matt Forte expressed contract concerns, Harris worked his name into the conversation too. He’s been critical of organizational decisions about accountability as well. If you’re going to call out your current team you better back it up and Harris didn’t do that on the football field this season.

While he’s been nursing a sore hamstring, he claims to be healthy. Based on his play last Sunday in London and two-weeks earlier in Detroit, his skills have diminished. Before the aforementioned trip to London, Harris was seeking a trade. No teams expressed much interest. He was frustrated because he didn’t start or was even active against the Vikings on Sunday night a few weeks earlier.

While Lovie Smith isn’t perfect, players will tell you he’s a players’ coach. Harris worked his way into the Smith doghouse quickly this season. It doesn’t help one’s case when you publicly call out your coach’s decisions. Harris was traded after his second season immediately after the Super Bowl in 2007 because of blow coverages throughout that campaign. While he played well for Carolina and his return for the Bears last season, he’s always been considered a run-stopping safety with mediocre at-best pass-defending skills. It wasn’t helping Harris that he’s obviously not fully-recovered from his hamstring injury.

So, what’s my issue with Harris? I don’t like guys that refuse to see their role in concerns. If Harris loved playing for the Chicago Bears he should have not made his concerns public. Once he did that, he backed the Chicago Bears into a corner. Harris probably has some football left in him, but creating all of this drama doesn’t help when you’re counterproductive on the football field. Briggs and Forte can gripe because they’re superstars and are having great seasons. Harris just isn’t good enough to be that much of a pain. As I’ve said before, I don’t hate Harris but I dislike what Harris has become through Twitter and the media. For a later-round pick from a smaller college, I would think he’d understand hard work and dedication. But he just became too entitled and opinionated without the juice to back-it-up. I believe that if you don’t like your situation, go out there and fix it. Even assuming Harris and Smith had a damaged relationship, Harris did himself no favors through his actions.

I certainly wish Harris no ill-will in the future but I can’t wish him luck considering he’s a member of a team the Bears are chasing in the Detroit Lions. Hopefully, he’s learned some lessons about humility and carries himself differently. He’s a honorable family-man and devoted to his religion. Those are two excellent traits. This should help carry him through this difficult stretch as well as his nice paychecks.

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