Eagles Jason Peters Is A Beast

By Frank Benditt III

The Eagles laid the smack-down to the Cowboys for the world to see.  For Eagles fans everywhere, it was a pleasure to watch.  There is a lot to take away from the Eagles performance.  One player who stood out to me is Eagles left tackle, Jason Peters.

The four time pro-bowler is a massive man, listed at 6’4 340 lbs.  What makes Peters unique is his shear athleticism.  Peters has quick, nimble feet.  The kind of feet a fullback would have.  That is quite an attribute for a man of his size.

Jason Peters was a human road grater Sunday night against the Cowboys.  He single handily created more holes in the Dallas defense than moths give to old consignment shop clothes.  It was a dominating performance for a player that has had some criticism from the fans in the past.

Peters has a reputation of playing “when he feels like it”.  Well, he must have been motivated.  Peters did not have his usual false start penalty and led the way for LeSean McCoy and the rest of the cast.

Peters hustled many times getting down field plowing the Cowboys like a human bowling ball on several traps and bubble screens.  He played like the best tackle in the NFL.  No one could stop him.

If Peters continues to play at a high level, he will assuredly make his fifth pro-bowl.  Additionally, opposing teams are gonna have their hands full.  Peters is a player that cannot be game planed against.  He is that good.

To say Jason Peters had a beast of a game Sunday night is an understatement.  He played like a man among boys.  Andy Reid needs to milk this “cow” for all it’s worth.  When focused, Peters can accomplish the equivalent of two offensive lineman.  That is the truth.

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