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Philadelphia Eagles Make Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan Eat His Words

Somewhere Buddy Ryan is loving this. He has to be.

After all, his son Rob Ryan choose the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator position instead of the Eagles, despite Buddy persuading him to go to the Eagles. So yeah, it’s safe to say that Buddy loved tonight’s game.

Not only did the Cowboys lose, but Rob Ryan was forced to eat his words in a humiliating manner.

Two months ago, Ryan was asked his opinion on the Eagles’ prized free agent acquisitions.

Ryan responded by calling the Eagles the “all-hype team” and said the Cowboys would “beat their (butt) when they played.”

Not exactly.

Behind dominating performances from LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick, the Eagles coasted to a 34-7 victory over the Cowboys.

The Eagles entered the game with the NFL’s number one ranked rushing offense, while the Cowboys boasted the NFL’s number one ranked defense. It was the Eagles who dominated, as McCoy rushed for 185 yards and two touchdowns on a career-high 30 carries. Vick also added 50 yards on seven carries.

Through the air, Vick threw for 279 yards and two touchdowns, spreading the ball around to tight end Brent Celek (93 yards), and wide receivers Jason Avant (74 yards), Jeremy Maclin (54 yards), and DeSean Jackson (31 yards).

The best part about the game might have been when a reporter asked Eagles’ offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg about his thoughts on Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Click here to watch Marty’s comments.

As of right now, the Eagles are feeling pretty confident. They’re 3-4, riding a two-game winning streak, and in second place in the division. They play the Cowboys again on Christmas Eve, a game that could very likely have major postseason implications.