Redskins Vs. Bills: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

By Kelso Carpenter

I was hoping I would feel a little bit better about yesterday’s game after a good night’s sleep, but, unfortunately, I actually feel worse.

That was one of the worst Redskins performances I’ve ever seen.  They were bad in every area.  They got beat in every area, and the rest of the season is not looking too hot.


The Good:

Sorry, nothing to report here.  I thought about writing about London Fletcher (20 tackles, .5 sacks) but he was also involved with both touchdown passes to Bills tight end Scott Chandler.  Sorry London.  This is your defense and it was a huge disappointment.  Fred Davis also had a “good” game, but he could have done more.

The Bad… And the Ugly too:

– Can I say “everything?”  I’m lumping the last two categories together because, quite frankly, most of what we saw yesterday was bad and ugly.  It’s hard to make a distinction.

– First and foremost (and more to come on this later), the Redskins were outcoached on every side of the ball:  offense, defense, and special teams.  The Bills had them figured out from the first snap and the ‘Skins couldn’t adjust.

– Beck had a poor day.  The two interceptions weren’t all his fault, but he held onto the ball too long which helped the Bills rack up nine sacks, and he missed plenty of throws.  He also thew two poor deep balls into double coverage.  The playcalling and the running game didn’t help him, but he didn’t help himself either.

– Speaking of the running game, both Ryan Torain and Roy Helu were useless yesterday.  The Shanahans insist on using them the same way they did Hightower.  Again, more to come on this later.  You have to adapt the offense to the players you have.  Torain is a bruising, north/south runner, not a stretch guy.  Helu needs to get out in space.  Where are the screens?  Where are the pitches and tosses?

– None of the “young players” who were supposed to step up actually did.  Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin, Leonard Hankerson, and Niles Paul were all non-factors.

– The offensive line is a joke.  Locklear and Brown got abused at the tackle position.  Montgomery and Cook got out-muscled, and Chris Chester looked slow and unathletic.

– The defense once again got abused.  Fred Jackson had his way all day.  Ryan Fitzpatrick picked them apart.  Rocky McIntosh finally got benched for a stretch of time and Keyaron Fox took over, but he didn’t do much better.  Laron Landry, as he often is, was overly aggressive and often out of position.  The corners, all of them, played too soft.  Even our stud outside linebackers, Orakpo and Kerrigan, were largely kept in check.

– The Redskins have had three field goals blocked this year.  Danny Smith, what the heck is going on?

I could probably keep going but you get the idea.  The 6-1 San Francisco 49ers come to town next week so they better get this ship righted soon or we could be in for a long, long season.

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