Hue Jackson: Carson Palmer Played No Role In Houshmandzadeh Signing

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Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson has dismissed rumors that Carson Palmer recommended the team to sign former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, citing his [Jackson’s] previous experience with the wide-out — as the wide receivers coach of the Bengals — as the primary reason for the signing.

When asked if Palmer played any role in the signing, Jackson said:

“None. A lot of people have said – and I’ve heard all the reports; you walk around and look, and some of the coaches have their TVs on – ‘Oh, this is a Carson Palmer deal.’

“Carson Palmer had nothing to do with this. I tried to get T.J. during training camp.

“People forget that I had a relationship with T.J. I coached him and I know exactly what he is. So, this wasn’t Carson’s idea, by no stretch.”

Stay tuned for the Oakland Raiders week nine team report.

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