Why Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo Does Need to Go...


I wrote a piece yesterday defending Jerry Angelo on the whole Matt Forte negotiations, but I do believe it is time for a change at Halas Hall with the General Manager. The goal of any General Manager is to win a Super Bowl, and Angelo has failed to do so in his ten years with the team. That is why he needs to go.

Getting close to the title isn’t good enough. The Chicago Bears are a pinnacle franchise and should be contending for titles every year. Considering the regressions from the 2006 Super Bowl run, it is time to ask why in five seasons this team hasn’t been back to the Super Bowl? Sure, last season was a somewhat successful one, but one playoff appearance since the Super Bowl is inexcusable.

There’s also been way too many wrong personnel decisions. Here’s one example from this season; letting Danieal Manning go this off-season was a joke. While I understand he’s not Ronnie Lott, he played well last season and was a standout on Special Teams. Considering the Bears are way under the salary cap and safety is Pandora’s Box with this team, Manning was a solution to the problem. In response to this miscalculation, the Bears signed Brandon Meriweather to a more-lucrative contract. How’s that working out? I can also highlight his lack of drafting skills, but that would take way too much time.

As far as player contracts go, there’s two in those transactions. For players like Lance Briggs to complain about a contract he signed is wrong. The Matt Forte situation isn’t fair, but negotiations require give-and-take on both sides. The Bears hold the cards with the option of the franchise tag, but for Forte to have a long-term deal, he’ll have to compromise a bit. And that’s not on Angelo. But believe me, there’s plenty of reasons why he needs to go.

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