Ten Random Thoughts on the Chicago Bears

1. Jay Cutler is a tough SOB and deserves our respect and admiration. Playing in the NFL is hard enough, but he plays with Type 1 Diabetes and doesn’t let it slow him down. Even if you’re not a fan, you should admire him for being a role model. Kudos to Cutler for his work with children. It’s sincere and not for show.

2. The Chicago Bears offensive line comes under regular attack by the national media. However, for those of us that actually watch this team we’ve seen some real improvements. Matt Forte isn’t gaining yards by accident and Cutler isn’t playing better by coincidence. Good work by Mike Tice with this group.

3. Speaking of the offensive line, the true Bear Jew Gabe Carimi makes his return on Monday night. However, his playing isn’t guaranteed. With the group finally gelling there’s no reason to rush Carimi back. But Tice loves this kid, so don’t be surprised to see him play. Is it possible that this group may have too many guys? Go figure…

4. Earl Bennett should also make his return on Monday night after battling a chest injury in week two. Cutler loves his former Vanderbilt teammate, so this can only mean good things for the offense.

5. Back to my friend Cutler. If you’ve been watching him closely since the Detroit game, you’re seeing a top NFL quarterback play. Just imagine if he had a weapon or two in the passing game. If you haven’t seen it or need a reminder, find the Dane Sanzenbacher touchdown from the Minnesota game. That’s a throw very few guys can make and realize who his target is on that play.

6. The Chicago Bears safety dance continues on Monday night with Chris Conte and Major Wright getting the nod. With the release of Chris Harris, Wright needs to step up. Conte has impressed me since training camp and has made some plays, but he’s being tested on Monday night by the weapons on the Eagles. Quite honestly, this group scares me big-time. But hopefully two-weeks will help this grouping gel. Here’s to having my fingers crossed…

7. I hate Michael Vick and think he’s a piece of crap. Besides the dog killing, thugging, tax dodging, herpes spreading and pot smoking, he’s a man that discovered God for $100 million. There’s many reasons to hate the Dream Team Eagles, and Vick tops my list. I will never cheer for someone to get injured, but I hope the Bears lay the wood to him on Monday night and Julius Peppers lifts his leg as a sack dance on Vick. I may hate Aaron Rodgers because he’s a Green Bay Packer, but I respect him. I will never respect Vick.

8. The Bears are getting 8.5 points this Monday night. That means the line has moved from a touchdown to a point and a half higher. I’m not trying to be naive here, but when did the Eagles become invincible. They’re 3-4 and the Bears have a better record at 4-3. I’m not even suggesting I think the Bears will win, but the Eagles haven’t been stellar either. Sure, the beat the Cowboys pretty handily, but when the Bears did it last year early in the season, it was discounted. The Bears dismantled the Falcons in week one, and I’ll suggest that the Falcons are a better team than the Cowboys. My point here is that this line scares me because I can’t put my finger on the reasons for it. Someone please explain…

9. Peter King of Sport Illustrated named Forte as his first-half offensive MVP. While it’s a nice honor for Forte, how could Rodgers be overlooked? I’ll even argue that Calvin Johnson should have received consideration. But any publicity on the national level is good and Forte certainly has been amazing this season. I’m not touching the contact issue here…been debated too much already.

10. Jeff Joniak is the voice of the Chicago Bears on radio. Sorry folks, and this won’t be a popular thing I’m going to say, but he’s annoying. It has nothing to do with him as a fundamental announcer. He’s good with that, he just sounds like a high school kid and screeches too much.

That’s all for now. Follow me on Twitter at ChicagoBearJew.

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  • Tyler Durden


    Speaking of announcers that need a punch in their suckhole…

    Did you hear Jim Nantz and Phil Simms call the Steelers/Pats game? I’ve never seen them so heartbroken. When Belichick didn’t challenge the Gronkowski catch at the front of the end zone, I half expected Simms to run down to the field and throw the red flag for him. “HOW COULD THE PEETRIOTS HAVE NOT CHALLENGED THAT PLAY, JEEM?”… Sometime soon, Nantz is going to wear a Brady jersey and rub his nipples for the entire telecast.

    And then there’s Erin Andrews….Poor Erin Andrews. Imagine going through life with people openly masturbating in front of you left and right. Can’t be a pretty sight. And who’s gonna sympathize with her? Her friends? Please. No ladyfriend is gonna want to hear her friend be like, “Ugh, I’m so pretty that men can’t stop jerking off in front of me!” Awwww, poor you for being born too perfect! Here’s a #humblebrag hashtag needlework throw pillow I made just for you!

  • Andrew J

    I love Joniak, oddly enough for the exact same reason you find him annoying. He’s pure Bears passion combined with lots of football knowledge. The way he announces and is always a homer is the same reason I loved listening to Ron Santo on Cubs games. I absolutely hate the MNF announcers though. They sometimes make smart comments but all to often they rely on tired cliches that they use over and over again. Combined with the fact that I hate that its not truly national anymore since its not on broadcast for all audiences just kinda ticks me off, makes me very annoyed watching monday night football, especially if the bears arent playing. when there are good games I’ll watch but recently its been teams most people dont care about or ridiculously lopsided. Bears Eagles game will be a lot better than the 8.5 spread would indicate.