Chicago Bears Safety Major Wright Needs to Step-Up


I’m very disappointed about the play of Major Wright. It started in the preseason with him missing tackles like Michael Vick misses being a dog owner. It continued with him blowing coverages and getting beat by tight ends and wide receivers alike. In other words, Wright can’t tackle or cover anyone. Not exactly what the Chicago Bears would want out of a safety.

Without getting too technical, the Cover Two defense requires safeties not to allow offensive players to get being them in coverage. Wright had been the recipient of at least one of these such events. Coming out of Florida, the knock on Wright was his pass coverage. We’re seeing this along with concerns in run support.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this folks; Wright presents a major problem for the Bears and a golden opportunity for the Eagles. He’s two steps slow and three seconds stupid. His football instincts just don’t allow him to make up for his countless mistakes. Danieal Manning was considered to be a bit mentally slow, but his talents allowed him to recover. The same can’t be said for Wright.

If the Bears lose tomorrow night, I’m afraid it will have Wright’s signature all over it. Once again, this blogger wanted Manning back, but Jerry Angelo obviously didn’t understand that the safety position is kinda important to the Lovie Smith’s scheme. The best has to be made out of the group here, and Chris Conte looks as if he belongs. Wright, Brandon Meriweather and Craig Steltz are football horrific.

All of the above being said, I hope Wright proves me wrong and y’all let me have it. Let’s hear about it on Twitter at ChicagoBearJew where you can also follow me for loads of fun.

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