Giants vs. Patriots: Eli Manning Pulls off Miracle 24-20 Win

By Jeff Shull

The New York Giants finally got a signature win, beating the New England Patriots in the final minute with a one yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Jake Ballard.

After a boring back and forth of punts and turnovers in the first half, fans were treated to a similar back and forth in the second but with the offenses stealing the show.

To say the Giants were not given a chance in hell would be putting it lightly. They were missing their top receiver and running back, and the Patriots almost never lose two games in a row.

Oh, and Tom Brady had won a record 31 games in a row at home.

This game was tailor made for this team. They’ve always been a team that—when seemingly everyone counted them out—rises to the occasion.

I won’t bore you with numbers, the only one you need to know is two—that is the number of 80 yard touchdown drives Eli Manning had in the final seven minutes.

The funny thing is, the way this game was going you kept thinking “man they scored too fast.” The Giants were guilty of that when they went up 17-13 with 3:07 left in the fourth.

We all know Tom Brady, and I even told my Dad the Patriots were going to score.

But when he left 1:40 seconds on the clock after hitting Rob Gronkowski to go up 20-17, you also felt like the Giants were going to make something happen.

After all, Eli already had four fourth quarter comebacks. The rest is history and the Giants currently sit two games a top the NFC East with half a season to go.

Game on.

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