Jaguars Second Half Outlook

By Joey Farbo

At 2-6, the Jaguars will not be fighting for a playoff spot over the second half of this season, but they need to have a strong finish to the season to show that the franchise is still moving in the right direction.

Here are some thing to watch for over the Jaguars final eight games of 2011.

Will this be the worst season in Jaguars history?

The Jaguars worst season in franchise history was their 4-12 season in 1995, their first season. They have two very winnable games against the Colts and Browns that could create some positive momentum to start a much easier second half schedule. I certainly see the Jaguars being able to win a few games in the second half and avoid having the worst season in franchise history.

Will Blaine Gabbert progress at quarterback?

The Jaguars offensive struggles over the first half of the season can be traced back to the quarterback position. Gabbert was not supposed to play this season, but nothing ever goes to plan. He gets a chance to play some softer defenses in the second half and some progress should be expected.

Will any wide receivers emerge?

One of Gabbert’s biggest problems so far has been his lack of a consistent target. The Jaguars have one of the worst receiver corps in the NFL and they continue to try to fix the problem with waiver claims. The receivers have struggled to get open and they have also had problems with drops.

The Jaguars are likely to address the receiver position this offseason, so the guys currently on the roster are likely fighting for their jobs next season.

Can the defense keep it up?

The Jaguars defense has been outstanding so far this season. They have been able to keep the Jaguars in most of their games this season despite how poorly the offense has played. It is clear that the Jaguars need their defense to play at their best in order for them to win, but it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their high level of play throughout the entire season.


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