New York Giants VS New England Patriots Game Recap

By Chris Ransom

In the first half neither team scored both defenses really managed to make critical stops on 3rd down by pressuring the quarterback.  Both teams blew critical scoring chances with critical turnovers.  One example of this was Tom Brady throwing an interception at the start of the 2nd quarter.  This game was the first game of the 2011 NFL season where two teams were scoreless heading into halftime.

Once the second half started New England got the ball coming off of a missed field goal.  You figured momentum would swing their way.  You have to give it up to Deion Grant though.  Grant made an outstanding game changing interception as the Giants pass rush managed to pressure Brady.  The Giants would capitalize off of a field goal.

As a Patriots fan I am grateful because this loss could have been a lot worse if the Giants stepped up in the first half.  Neither one of these teams wanted the game early.  The Giants did show signs of wanting the game though early in the 3rd quarter as the Giants forced a fumble which resulted in Brandon Jacobs getting a 10 yard rushing touchdown the following play.  The Giants would take a 10 to 0 lead.

After New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady caught the Giants napping with an illegal formation on 2nd and 10 it was 2nd and 5.  Two straight incompletions led to a 4th down due to a fantastic pass rush by the Giants.

New England punted the ball and a muffed punt led to a Patriots drive where they capped the game with a field goal.

The Patriots held the Giants to a 3 and out play, but Julian Edelman fumbled a turnover which gave the Giants the ball back.  Eli Manning looked humble getting time from his offensive line on plays.  A delay of game penalty led to the Giants losing some critical momentum on first and goal.

Eli Manning threw a pass to Mario Manningham.  Kyle Arrington recorded his 5th interception of the year.  Arrington’s interception kept the Giants from potentially going up 17 to 3.

Brady would lead New England on an offensive drive as the blocking improved dramatically after Arringotn’s pick that prevented Eli’s touchdown.  This caused New England to go on a game changing drive which would tie the game at 10.

The Giants would struggled to score giving New England the ball back.  The Patriots blocking continued to dominate in the 4th quarter.  Some false start penalties kept the Patriots from getting a touchdown as New England would have to settle for a field goal up 13 to 10.

A Kyle Arrington pass interference call changed the momentum of the drive as the Giants started clicking following Arrington’s penalty.  Eli would connect with Mario Manningham on a 4 minute drive putting the Giants up 17 to 13 with barely 3 minutes to play.

Tom Brady led an excellent drive scoring a touchdown on 4th and 9 as New England would go up 20 to 17.  The New York Giants would have the ball with 1 minute and 36 seconds left so most casual fans just assumed the Patriots would win again.  There is a reason why anything can happen on Any Given Sunday in the NFL.

Eli hooked up with Victor Cruz.  Josh Barrett was injured so New England had to burn their 2nd timeout.  Patrick Chung got injured nearly the following play, but shook it off knowing the Patriots could not give the Giants 2 timeouts leaving New England with none with over a minute to play.

Eli Manning had a lot of pressure on 3rd down.  He still managed to get the ball to Jake Ballard.  Eli would then scramble as the Giants burned their 2nd timeout.  The Giants had 1 timeout and the Patriots were out of timeouts.

Immediately following the timeout, New England was called for pass interference.  Early turnovers by Brady, careless penalties, and injuries cost us this game that we could have had.  You have to hand credit to the New York Giants though because the Giants had a lot of injuries and showed a lot of heart against the New England Patriots.

Next week the New England Patriots travel to the New York Jets in an AFC East game that could have first place implications.






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