As Usual, Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin Chokes on Game’s Final Drive

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has been having a pretty good season.

He entered the game with 40 receptions for 543 yards and four touchdowns, putting him on pace to break the Eagles’ single-season record for receptions and more than 1200 receiving yards.

But he played a major role in losing two of the Eagles’ games this season.

He dropped a 4th and 4 pass on the final drive against the Atlanta Falcons, spoiling a 13-catch, 171-yard, two-touchdown performance. Had he caught the ball, backup quarterback Mike Kafka might have been able to lead the Eagles to a dramatic victory. Instead, the loss dropped the Eagles to 1-1.

Then he fumbled away a catch on the final drive against the San Francisco 49ers, costing the Eagles in a game that they lost 24-23, dropping them to 1-3 on the season.

And then there was today. On 4th and 10 with under two minutes remaining in the game and the Eagles trailing the Bears 30-24, Maclin made a leaping catch of a Vick throw, but slipped and was tackled a yard short of the first down marker. Sure, the pass was high, but I’ve seen many receivers jump and catch a pass, and continue running without falling. Maclin just slipped, and it cost the Eagles a shot at another victory, as they lost 30-24.

There are no official stats, obviously, but I can’t remember the last time an Eagles wide receiver played such a significant role in costing his team a trio of victories in a single season (or half a season).

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  • Mike

    Horrible article. If the throw was high and tight when he was running full speed he could of kept his balance

  • sds

    Did you actually watch the game!!! Maclin had no chance with that pass. He made a fantastic play to even catch it. If you feel the need to pass blame, how about on Vick. He threw the pass way over the head of a wide open receiver. While we are at it, how about Desean Jackson. His fumble at the end of the first half was indefensible. Maybe the defense could shoulder the blame too – since they barely slowed down the Bears offense all night. Blaming Maclin for this one is just plain silly. He did as much as he could have with the pass that was thrown to him. I understand being frustrated by the game but there was plenty of blame to pass around. I could even see ranting about Maclin’s earlier drop during the game but acting like this one cost the Eagles the game is just stupid. I watch a lot of football but I’m still trying to figure out who these receivers you watch are that could have made that catch and continued running.

  • Ron

    Andy need to trade him, he not a player you would cut or wave, but he plaing like james trash when it clutch time. He cost the eagles 3 freaking game. Andy reid should doc his pay so if he making a small 500,000, fine him 150,000 for those 3 games. now who knws if we would have won those games but he missed up promising looking drives. what athlet cant jump in the air and com down on balance. ball player do it all day. One major fuk up kool but three in half a season. He costing us a trip to the post season. Dam please bench him or done let him play in the fourth

  • Ron

    maclin you aint no athlete you Shawn Bradley