As Usual, Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin Chokes on Game's Final Drive

By Bryn Swartz

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has been having a pretty good season.

He entered the game with 40 receptions for 543 yards and four touchdowns, putting him on pace to break the Eagles’ single-season record for receptions and more than 1200 receiving yards.

But he played a major role in losing two of the Eagles’ games this season.

He dropped a 4th and 4 pass on the final drive against the Atlanta Falcons, spoiling a 13-catch, 171-yard, two-touchdown performance. Had he caught the ball, backup quarterback Mike Kafka might have been able to lead the Eagles to a dramatic victory. Instead, the loss dropped the Eagles to 1-1.

Then he fumbled away a catch on the final drive against the San Francisco 49ers, costing the Eagles in a game that they lost 24-23, dropping them to 1-3 on the season.

And then there was today. On 4th and 10 with under two minutes remaining in the game and the Eagles trailing the Bears 30-24, Maclin made a leaping catch of a Vick throw, but slipped and was tackled a yard short of the first down marker. Sure, the pass was high, but I’ve seen many receivers jump and catch a pass, and continue running without falling. Maclin just slipped, and it cost the Eagles a shot at another victory, as they lost 30-24.

There are no official stats, obviously, but I can’t remember the last time an Eagles wide receiver played such a significant role in costing his team a trio of victories in a single season (or half a season).

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