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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Where The Philadelphia Eagles REALLY Stand

Folks, if you are an Eagles fan, there is much to worry about.  Will this team pack in in?  Will this team have resolve?  Will this team accept the challenge ahead?  Only the Eagles players and coaches can answer this.

Here is my take:  I am looking at an 8-8 season.  There is too much that the Eagles must overcome.  Too many deficiencies and too many habitual, costly errors.  The coaching staff may work their magic, however, the players know it is too late.  The attitude of this team is one of superior melancholy….”we still know we are good, but we, at this point, will simply go through the motions.”

That is the state of the Eagles.  A group of really good players searching to mesh.  Their downfall is their own diminished skepticism of certain failure.

Will Andy Reid allow this?  At this point, there is no stopping it.  Michael Vick is the most flawed $100 million quarterback ever.  His demeanor alone on Monday summed up this team……

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