Bills Reciever David Nelson, Girlfriend Cowboys Cheeleader Kelsi Reich Have Conflict of Interest This Sunday

When the Buffalo Bills play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, there will a love-hate relationship going on between Bills receivers David Nelson and his girlfriend, Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich. Nelson’s Bills travel to Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, but Reich will have to refrain from cheering for him as the Cowboys are the ones who sign her checks.

Reich has been a Cowboys cheerleader for four years now and has a conflict of interest this Sunday when her employer takes the field against Nelson’s Bills. If he scores a touchdown, Nelson will try to make humor of the situation.

“If I’m in the area where she is I’m sure I’ll have something planned for that, but I also don’t want to get her in too much trouble,” Nelson said. “I’m discussing some things and try to surprise her a little bit if maybe something happens.”

Both Nelson and Reich are Texas natives; he is originally from Wichita Falls while she hails from The Woodlands. This is the first time in either Nelson or Reich’s career that their teams have faced one another.

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