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My Two Cents on Penn State

I’ve decided to finally speak about this Penn State fiasco. This sore on the ass of good people. Calling this a football scandal is a disgrace. This is about child molestation and keeping our children safe. I’ve got two beautiful children, and I cry for those children that were ruined by this piece of sh%t. I’d like to use even stronger words, but you get my point. Jerry Sandowski, the flames of hell aren’t hot enough for you. You deserve a far worse fate.

I used to respect Joe Paterno, but now I view him as a pathetic old man that cared more about winning than about children. How could he not have stopped this? This man has as much power as anyone in the state of Pennsylvania and played the what did you want
me to do
card. Any of the countless others that did nothing are as guilty. If I saw someone hurting a child your effing right I would stop it. If we don’t protect our children, who will?

The more we hear the more it gets uglier. And to the students of Penn State and the Rube reporters that made the Paterno firing about winning and losing are damaged beyond worlds. Please leave out country. You don’t deserve your freedoms any more.

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