Buccaneers Get Blown Out At Home

By Joshua Casey

After another blowout loss this season the Buccaneers were visibly upset, as they should be. Head coach Raheem Morris took full blame for the loss and has vowed to make changes, especially since the Bucs play the undefeated Packers next Sunday. While talking to the media after the game Morris seemed very upset, “Terrible game,” Morris said. “We started the game just like we finished it. Poor job by myself. I refuse to believe that our guys are that bad, so it has to be my fault.”

Morris also added, “I’ll fix it”. Morris plans to schedule full scale workouts in pads and has not ruled out the possibility of switching the lineup around for next weeks game. Multiple Bucs players also vented after the game and were also upset about the game’s outcome. Center Jeff Faine had this to say, “It’s not getting any easier. We’ve got a very, very huge challenge at Green Bay. We’ve got to play smarter and more disciplined. It’s unfortunate we’re in the position we’re in, but we’ve got to dig ourselves out.”

Once again the Bucs were hurt by Josh Freeman’s poor play at quarterback. Freeman went 15 of 33 for 170 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. Certainly Freeman has regressed from where he was last season, and the poor defensive play hasn’t exactly helped him either. The Texans had multiple plays where their wide receivers were open with absolutely no one around, the most glaring of which being the first play from scrimmage.


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