Philadelphia Eagles Have Sunk to a New All-Time Low in the Andy Reid Era

By Bryn Swartz

This is bad. This is worse than bad. This is as low as it has ever been in the Andy Reid era.

It started when the Eagles benched DeSean Jackson for failing to report to a special teams meeting yesterday morning. Jackson reportedly overslept.

It ended when the Eagles blew a fourth quarter lead, as usual, falling 21-17 to the Arizona Cardinals who started their backup quarterback, John Skelton, in place of injured former Eagle Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles’ secondary was torched, as usual, with Larry Fitzgerald doing almost all of the damage: 7 catches for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns, including a spectacular diving 37-yard catch down to the 1-yard line with under three minutes to play.

On the final drive, Michael Vick was predictably intercepted, and the Cardinals ran out the clock to take a victory that essentially ends the season for the Eagles.

The Eagles, now 3-6, have as much chance of reaching the postseason this year as I do of starting at left tackle for the Los Angeles Penguins next week.

They will likely drop to 3-8 after they lose to the Giants (next Sunday night in the Meadowlands) and the Patriots (at home in two weeks).

I cannot remember a time when the Eagles were more disappointing than they are in 2011. After boldly announcing their Super Bowl aspirations during the offseason, the Eagles are unquestionably the most disappointing team in the National Football League.

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