Bears Destroy Lions

By Brian Cote

The Detroit Lions were hit so hard yesterday by the Chicago Bears that one can only wonder if they have woken up yet. The Lions were shellacked by the Bears at Soldier Field in a 37-13 rout.

Matthew Stafford came into the game with four interceptions on the season and the Bears decided to do him a favor and match that tally, while returning to of them to the house to top things off. Stafford threw the ball a whomping 63 times in the air for 329 yards along with one touchdown pass and four picks.

Give credit where credit is due to the Bears defense. Many media outlets today are strumming the chords of how the Bears defense has returned to form.

Well anybody that knows anything in life and in sports knows that there is never any going back to the past. The Bears may have shown glimpses of what their defense once was a few years ago, but the Lions played a large part in the process.

Detroit came into Sunday’s game with five turnovers all year long and trumped that by turning the leather over six times. It was just a complete washout for the Lions. Everything that could go wrong did, so hopefully Detroit was in a lesson taking type of mood.

It was not a secret that Detroit had some major flaws that young talent and a hot start overshadowed. Even Detroit fans new that this Lions team was way too ahead of the curve after the 5-0 start.

Detroit fans should not lose hope or give up so quick on this team though. If the young lions are to fully turn the page on their past they will have to survive through days like yesterday.

For the Lions to completely change the culture they will have to come back and prove themselves this week or continue to be linked with the title “same ol’ Lions”.

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