Philadelphia Eagles $100 Million Man Michael Vick Injured as Usual; Broke 2 Ribs Against Arizona

By Bryn Swartz

You know the guy that missed 3.75 games with broken ribs suffered against Washington last year? The same guy who would have missed the regular season finale against the Cowboys with a thigh injury had the game actually mattered to the Eagles starters?

That’s the same guy who the Eagles gave $100 million to before the start of the season, to be divided out over the next six seasons.

And it’s the same guy who was knocked out of the second game of the game, against Atlanta, with a concussion, as well as the third game of the year, against the Giants, with a badly bruised right hand.

And now it’s the guy who broke two ribs in yesterday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals and will likely miss at least one, if not more, games.

It occurred on the second play of the game when Vick completed a pass to tight end Brent Celek. He was hit by blitzing linebacker Daryl Washington, who came in completely untouched.

To his credit, Vick played through the entire injury yesterday and didn’t tell anybody. The injury wasn’t even revealed until this morning.

However, maybe he should have sat out yesterday if the injury affected him as much as it seems like it did. He turned in arguably his worst game as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, completing just 16 of 34 passes for 128 yards and two interceptions. He actually threw four interceptions, but one was overturned on a holding call and another was overturned on an Andy Reid challenge.

He also failed, as usual, with the game on the line in the fourth quarter. The Eagles scored just three points in the entire second half and saw their season come to an end when Vick threw a pathetic deep interception on 3rd and 20 in the final minute.

Luckily for the Eagles, Vick’s injury will mean absolutely nothing to the team. They’re 3-6 and will probably be 3-8 after games against the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Quarterback Vince Young will have his opportunity to lead the Dream Team, as he likes to call it, into a late-season winning streak, not that it will mean anything anyway.

And for Eagles fans, we’re stuck watching a team that is not much different from the 2005 team, when they started 4-6 and were playing just for pride (and statistics) at the end of the season.

I’ll be honest, by the way. I can’t believe it took Michael Vick this long to suffer a serious injury.

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