NFL Dallas Cowboys

Time of Judgement is Now for New Era Dallas Cowboys

This new era of Dallas Cowboys seems to have found it stride after a 44-7 thrashing of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. With a new era comes a new set of stars to lead the team. That’s not to say Dallas is on its way to the Super Bowl this year, but the Cowboys’ faithful are thrilled with the team after the dominating performance against Buffalo. With stars emerging left and right, these new Cowboys don’t just have triplets, but maybe even quintuplets.

The Cowboys have four playmakers that are legitimate threats to score on any given play in running back DeMarco Murray, tight end Jason Witten and receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. If quarterback Tony Romo can continue to play like he did during his record-breaking performance against the Bills, add him to the list.

Please, do not under any circumstances think that I’m comparing this group of players to the Hall of Fame bunch that brought the Cowboys three Super Bowl wins in the 1990s. This is just a new group of Cowboys that has the chance to be great if Romo can keep his head on straight.

Witten is arguably the best tight end in NFL history and the best to ever wear a Cowboy uniform. Together, Austin and Bryant are a pretty dynamite pair while Murray is the surest thing at running back since Emmitt Smith retired. As for Romo, he’s currently on Cloud 9, but he’ll need to turn in a string of consecutive stellar performances before he’s considered elite by any standards.

To bring this to a point, this is the most talented group of Cowboys offensive players to take the field since the Super Bowl teams that did well over a decade ago. The pieces are in place so that no team should outscore the Cowboys. The red zone woes are fixed with Murray and Romo has a slew of weapons to catch his passes. That doesn’t include the injured Felix Jones, who hasn’t played alongside Murray yet. They could be the NFL’s next dynamic duo running the ball, so all the weapons aren’t even on the field yet.

Still, this is a team that’s disappointed in two of the last four seasons with multiple weapons on the field. However, Murray and Bryant are both so young and these new quintuplets have yet to take the field together completely healthy. The stage is set for Dallas. Now it’s time to execute. No more excuses. Saddle up.

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