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I think Cowher would be enticed by the Dolphins job, sorry Bus

The Miami Dolphins have a lame duck head coach right now…Let’s face it, Tony Sparano will not be calling the shots for the Dolphins in 2012.  In addition, the Dolphins will probably be looking for a new general manager, as well.  Yesterday, Jerome Bettis gave his thoughts on the circumstances under which Bill Cowher would finally make his return to coaching in the NFL.  Bettis gave the proverbial ‘gut punch’ to all Dolfans that were hoping that Cowher would end up in Miami when he essentially said the Dolphins job would be enticing to Cowher.  Bettis said there are numerous issues on the Dolphins team and their lack of a franchise QB would hurt their chances on landing Cowher. I would argue (and I will) that Cowher would be interested in the Dolphins Head Coaching job, when it becomes available.  Cowher wants to get back into the NFL, but he only wants to return if the situation is the right fit for him.  Another situation could be better.  I completely understandable.  He’s a Super Bowl winning coach and has the right to choose the franchise that makes the most sense for him.  However, there are a lot of compelling reasons for Cowher to seriously consider the Dolphins: Carl Peterson Peterson is both a friend and consultant to Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross.  Many (including me) think that Peterson will be the Dolphins next general manager.  Peterson has a history of working with Cowher, all the way back to Cowher’s days in Kansas City, working under Marty Schottenheimer.  If Peterson is the Dolphins next GM, it is a virtual certainty that Cowher will be at the top of his list of coaching candidates. Top 5 Draft Pick The Dolphins have won 2 straight games, which has seriously hurt their chances at ‘winning’ the top pick and Andrew Luck.  BUT, this Dolphins team is still very flawed.   The likelihood of the Dolphins playing their way out of the Top 5 picks in the draft is possible, but unlikely.  This means that whoever the next Dolphins coach is will have the benefit of FINALLY using a first round pick on a quarterback. Money $$ Stephen Ross may be a wise business man, but when it comes to the Dolphins, he’s seldom cheap.  In January, it was thought that he had offered $7 mil to Jon Gruden to replace Sparano.  Cowher could essentially name his price and the obviously desparate Ross, will sign it in glitter ink with a smile on his face. Good Foundation While the Dolphins are struggling this season, there are some pieces that the team can build around.  Cowher should be excited by the Dolphins defense that ranked #6 in the NFL last year.  Yes, this year they struggled early, but they have picked it up of late. On offense, the Dolphins are set at LT and C for the next 10 years.  They also have a solid RB combination in the backfield to go along with Brandon Marshall, who’s playing at a Pro Bowl level this season.  It wouldn’t take Cowher long to mold this time in his likeness, building around some already solid cornerstones. It’s going to be another 1.5-2 months before we know how this story unfolds.  One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an interesting offseason!  But if you were Cowher and had the chance to live in South Florida, get paid $7 mil per season, have a top 10 defense and a young franchise QB (Barkley?)….wouldn’t you be enticed?