Eagles Next Offensive Coordinator: Kevin Kolb

By Frank Benditt III

I have tried to be objective and fair for the most part when it comes to Andy Reid.  It is almost becoming impossible now.  After finding out that Kevin Kolb knew the play calling based on formations and motion boggles the mind.

How can a head coach, knowing that the opposing team has his former ‘franchise quarterback’, allow such a thing to happen.  Is it just oversight?  No.  An error this agriegous smacks of Andy Reid’s often cited arrogance.  He thinks he is always the smartest guy in the room.

Let us take Kevin Kolb out of the equation and analyze this situation further.  A team studies game film and focuses on tendencies.  Then why are the Eagles play calls so atrociously stagnate.  Why is their no slick additives to insert in the weekly game plan?

If you honestly feel your personnel is just flat out better than the other teams and are going on that, then your team record should reflect accordingly.  3-6 does not justify that thought process.

Kevin Kolb must of had a really good laugh after the game.  The sad thing is that I bet he was not that surprised that Andy Reid would allow such gaffes.  Again, Reid simply knows better than you.

If Andy Reid does move on from the Eagles next year, the loss to Arizona will be a key reason for it……..

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