Jay Cutler is My #1 Choice at QB


I’m going to disclaimer this piece by saying that there’s at least three quarterbacks in the NFL that are better than Jay Cutler. But for the Chicago Bears, he’d be my top choice. I call this The Ben Roethlisberger Effect.

What does this mean? Big Ben also isn’t one of the top three quarterbacks in football, but he’s a perfect fit for the Steelers. Cutler has become a perfect fit for the Bears. He’s adjusted to the offense and can utilize the players around him. He’s gelled with the offensive players and really runs this team. It’s taken him a few years but his cohesiveness with this team becomes more obvious by the game. That’s the definition of a franchise quarterback and Cutler has become one.

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are clearly the class of the NFL. All three had time to develop with their teams. Cutler has finally had time to do so as well. With a little more time and perhaps a franchise wide receiver Cutler may sneak on this list. However, it can’t be ignored that Cutler went to the NFC Championship game last year and has the Bears playing well this one as well. That’s the sign of a quarterback that fits the team he plays for on Sundays.

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