New England Patriots Offensive Players Who I resign.

By Chris Ransom

Offensive Players  Who I resign

Ben Jarvis Green Ellis Starting Running Back Even though Ridley and Woodhead have had chances, Green Ellis still has 4 times the rushing yards they have.  The sad thing is Green Ellis only played 4 games.

Wes Welker Flanker Receiver Welker has over 1,000 receiving yards.  He leads the NFL in receiving yards and it only took 9 games.

Deion Branch Secondary Receiver Tom Brady probably wants Branch back so I resign him to keep Brady happy.

Offensive Players Who I let go

Brian Hoyer Backup Quarterback Hoyer has earned the right to compete for a starting job on another team.  Plus if you resign Hoyer your A. Wasting cap room and B. You show no faith in Ryan Mallett as the quarterback of the future once Brady retires.

Dan Koppen Center On Injured Reserve Koppen is in his 30’s and got put on IR.  This is a tough decision, but I got to let Koppen go to make room for my other signings.

Dan Connolly Center/Right Guard Connolly has struggled at center.  He needs to go after this season.  New England will have Matt Light, Vulmer, and Soldier all back in 2012.  If all 3 are healthy than Soldier or Vulmer can move inside to right guard until Marcus Cannon is ready to start at right guard.

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