Bucs Put Up Valiant Effort Against Undefeated Packers

By Joshua Casey

Although no-one gave them a shot all week,  and said it would be a blowout, the Bucs did stay in the game with the Packers and almost pulled off what no team has in 15 straight games (including the playoffs). But for all that the Bucs did right they also did many, many things wrong and the result was the same as last week, a loss. In the NFL that’s really the only stat that matters and now the Bucs are 4-6, a fourth consecutive loss, and 3 games back in the division.

The Bucs were down early but fought back and even came withing a two point conversion of tying the game. On the ensuing play Freeman dropped backed to pass and found a wide open Kellen Winslow in the end zone, only to have Winslow drop the easy pass and keep the Bucs down by 2. On the Bucs kickoff Raheem Morris pulled off a really questionable call by going for an onside kick, not recovering it and giving Aaron Rodgers a short field to work with.

I, for the life of me, cannot understand why Morris would go for an onside kick in that situation. The Bucs defense was playing considerably better and had stopped the Packers offense a few times to put the Bucs back in the game. The Bucs also had 5:46 to go in the game and two timeouts so it’s not like time was an issue. Morris clearly showed no trust in his defense and would rather trust a bunch of special teams players to recover an onside kick, which the chances of are not very good.

Nevertheless the Bucs still lost the game, and to the better team in the Packers. The schedule does not get any easier the rest of the way and now the Bucs must really improve if they want to have any chance at all of making the playoffs.


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