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New York Giants: 17-10 Loss Calls 2nd Half Woes in to Question

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Really not much to say about the New York Giants’ 17-10 loss to the 4-6 Philadelphia Eagles. This was the same team that just lost to the Arizona Cardinals at home.

The second half woes, and more importantly those woes at home, continue to haunt Tom Coughlin’s Giants. Since Coughlin took over in 2004, the Giants are 8-20 at home in the second half of the season.

This includes two 0-4 seasons in 2006 and 2007.

It is really unfathomable that the Giants are so inept at home, yet are considered one of the best road teams in the NFL. If they could just put it together for one season and not have so many let down games, they may have more bye weeks in the playoffs.

Here is the game in a nut shell, because I do not want to get in to this travesty more than I have to.

The offensive line was terrible; they are one of the worst units in football. The receivers dropped way too many key passes that stalled drives. Eli Manning made one huge mistake and had another late that was sort of his fault. The defense played well until allowing a 8:51, 18 play 80-yard touchdown drive that included six converted third downs.

That about sums it up. Sorry if you were looking for more, I’m just having trouble not putting my fist through my laptop screen.

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