Brett Favre’s Agent Contacts Chicago Bears

According to a source, Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook has contacted the Chicago Bears. The extent of this conversation isn’t known, but a call was made to Halas Hall.

From what I’ve heard, it may be simply to take his name out of the running, so let the speculation begin.

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  • Randy Holt

    Bus Cook is Cutler’s agent..

  • Truth

    Bus Cook is Cutler’s agent as well. I’m really shocked that self-proclaimed sports analysts are trying to spread this crap about Favre coming to the Bears (there’s another rant about this as well). Favre’s retired. The paperwork involved to get him reinstated into the NFL ranks would require time the Bears don’t have. Not to mention, I would think it insulting to call Mr. Favre just to get through the playoffs…what’s after that? Thanks, Brett; we don’t need you anymore? Sorry, Cutler; we’ve got Favre now. There’s no way Brett Favre is going to take a second seat to Jay after this is said and done; but Chicago has to honor Cutler’s contract. Bottom line, this is just fluff and has no logical approach. Get over it, idiots…Brett Favre will NEVER play for the Chicago Bears.

    What’s next? Elway steps in for Vick? Give it a rest.

    • Chicago Bear Jew

      Actually if you read the piece you’d see the phone call was made to take Favre’s name out of the running. But keep reading Matt, you’re real good at it