Detroit Lions Rally to Beat Panthers

By Brian Cote

Every team that puts together a good season or a playoff worthy season has moments to look back on as keys to winning. The Lions have had an up and down stretch as of late and they proved that to be true in the game on Sunday.

Detroit had a bad first half like they have in several other games this season only to come out of the locker room after halftime to score 35 second half points.

For one half it looked as though Cam Newton and the Panthers were going to make Detroit choke their season away. One second half stretch made the Lions look like a top tier NFC team.

Detroit fans have become accustomed to the Lions wild swings of game play this season. Sometimes the Lions look like they could compete with division rival Green Bay and other times they look like the same old Lions.

The one constant in the 2011 season is that the Lions are consistently inconsistent. The young group has showed development and progress over the past few years, but it is evident that there is a lot of work still to do to turn the franchise completely around.

Matthew Stafford threw two interceptions early on in Sunday’s game only to turn his game around with five touchdown passes. Stafford redeemed himself after a poor start even though you have to give him credit for going out there and being a gamer with his injured finger.

Some players would crumble and fold after the start that Stafford had, but the young Lions quarterback showed poise and maturity by fighting threw his early game struggles.

The Lions ended up beating the Panthers and showed that they are back to their winning ways. Detroit fans just don’t know if they can count on the team to play well on Thanksgiving against the Packers.

If the second half Lions from the Panthers game show up, Green Bay may leave ford field on Thursday 10-1.

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