Hue Jackson's Arrogance Bolsters Raiders' Success

By jon9685

It wasn’t a “commitment to excellence,” nor was it motivation. For Hue Jackson, the fiery Raiders head coach, his arrogant mindset is what fires up his players and it seems to be a functional blueprint for the Raiders success this season.

Under his regime, Oakland is more aggressive, more alarming and more tenacious. The real theory is, Jackson is running the show, taking full control inside the locker room, qualified to have much power.

He is, in every facet, the face of the franchise now that the late Al Davis is resting peacefully in the heavens, quietly growing a sense of respectability while some players are reacting with a wrath of resentment.

Maybe his watch-your-back, rough attitude is from the 1980s as a tough-minded kid inSouth Los Angeles, where he was a security guard at L.A. Raiders games. As a former quarterback of a championship team at Dorsey High, and then an eventual assistant at USC, he knows football in which Davis felt he was the perfect fit for the position of a team with a strong nucleus.

It took him three decades before he became head coach. It took him to cultivate the Raiders. It took a bit of arrogance, too.

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