Jack Del Rio Accepts No Responsibility For Final Play Call

Jack Del Rio is at it again.

His team lost to the Cleveland Browns yesterday, but if you ask him the loss was not his fault. It is never his fault.

During his Monday press conference Del Rio for the second time this season threw his offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter under the bus after he was questioned about the failed final sequence of plays the Jaguars had inside the Browns five yard line.

“Our offensive coordinator [Dirk Koetter] calls the plays. I can’t speak to his thinking. You’ll have to get with him,” Del Rio told the media.

Apparently somebody needs to remind Del Rio that he is the head coach and that Koetter answers to him and it is not the other way around. Sure Koetter calls the plays, but you would have to think that Del Rio would be involved in the discussion of what was going to happen on those final plays since you know he is supposed to be in charge of his team.

Then again I can’t say I am surprised, but a good coach owns up to his mistakes instead of trying to shed all responsibility just because he is a defensive coach.

If there is a ray of hope shining through this loss for Jaguars fans it is that the loss should be the final nail in the coffin for Del Rio’s tenure in Jacksonville.

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