Jaguars Fall In Cleveland

By Joey Farbo

Some poor clock management and some questionable play calling did in the Jaguars as they lost 14-10 to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

The costly loss drops the Jaguars to 3-7 on the season and all but eliminates them from the wide open AFC playoff picture.

The Jaguars had three plays from inside the Browns two-yard line to score the winning touchdown in the final minute of the fourth quarter, but they could not find the end zone. The Jaguars would have had time to run four plays from inside the Browns two-yard line, but head coach Jack Del Rio decided to not use their final time out after a Maurice Jones-Drew run that got them a first down.

The Jaguars lost 20 second off of the clock trying to set up the next play and was not able to stop the clock until there were only eight seconds remaining in the game. Despite the suspect clock management, the Jaguars had the victory slip through the fingers of wide receiver Jason Hill who dropped a pass in the back of the end zone on the next to last play of the game.

However, the biggest question facing the Jaguars coaching staff following this game is their decision to not give the ball to their best offensive weapon on the final play of the game. They were set up inside the Browns two-yard line and instead of putting the ball in the hands of Jones-Drew, they opted for a pass to Mike Thomas that was well covered by the Cleveland defense. There were only three seconds remaining on the clock so there would have been no risk in trying to pound the ball into the end zone.

In the end this is a game the Jaguars should have won, yet I am not at all surprised they lost.

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