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Redskins WR Jabar Gaffney Tells Fan to ‘Kill Himself’ Via Twitter Following Game Against Cowboys

The Washington Redskins and their fans have reason in the world to be frustrated about Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but the argument can be made that no player was more frustrated than wide receiver Jabar Gaffney considering his inappropriate exchange with a fan on Twitter after the game.

According to Dan Hanzus of, Gaffney is taking quite the heat after telling a fan to “kill himself” after the two exchanged words through the popular social media site on Sunday night. Apparently, the Cowboys fan from Virginia was giving Gaffney a hard time about the Redskins 3-7 record–which the wideout didn’t

Here’s more about what Gaffney said courtesy of Hanzus’ article:

“3-7 ain’t a record to be proud of I’m just proud I ain’t you get a life or kill urself,” he tweeted.

Gaffney — possibly following a taser jolt from a Redskins PR flak — backed off his comments with a subsequent tweet.

“I don’t want the man to really kill himself it was just a way of saying (expletive) off and leave me alone to all u lames keep up or don’t follow.”

Obviously, the tweets have been deleted since the incident and Gaffney has every reason in the world to be frustrated after Washington’s six-straight loss, but these actions are completely unacceptable. This is the perfect example as to why some athletes shouldn’t be allowed to use sites like Twitter and let’s hope Mr. Gaffney decides to think before he tweets next time he decides to take his frustration out on a fan.

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