Campbell is .....mmmmm...mmmmm....gooood.

By Ross Dinsdale

Defensive End Calais Campbell is playing defense with a thick and hearty style this season and is on a career record setting pace.  Especially the month of November so far. In the last three games he has two sacks, twelve tackles, two blocked kicks, and a interception.  At 6’8”, 300 pounds Calais is one of the biggest players at his position.

Campbell’s contract runs out at the end of this season. Making him a free agent in 2012.  It is quite common for players to see a spike in statistical performance so to use them for financial persuasion in a contract year.  I believe this is some what happening with him this season.  He is a very integral key to this team moving forward.  The Cardinals let the Texans over pay for  DE Antonio Smith after the 2208 season ended.  Yes they drafted Campbell to replace him, but all to often the Cardinals been the proverbial farm team for the rest of the league.  That philosophy has changed in the last two years with players such as Darnell Dockett and Larry Fitzgerald receiving extensions.  To avoid the possibility of being outbid by another team, the organization should concentrate on getting a deal done before the season ends.  I am under the impression that he will continue to get better and eventually become one of the top tier defensive lineman in the league.



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