Report: Lovie Smith Has Contacted Brett Favre

By Riley Schmitt

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With the injury to Jay Cutler potentially sidelining for the rest of the season and maybe the playoffs, the Chicago Bears may be in desperate need of a quarterback.  Caleb Hanie was impressive in the NFC Championship game last year, but if he were to be struck down by injury, the Bears would be in a sticky spot.

For those of you who don’t know, Incarcerated Bob is one of the best sport sources out there.  I haven’t been led in the wrong direction by him yet.  The Marc Bulger part of the tweet makes sense.  He knows the system and he knows Mike Martz.  It wouldn’t take him long to get re-adjusted.  However, that is a low risk, low reward move.  The big fish would be the ol Gunslinger himself, Brett Favre.

Yesterday, my colleague Chicago Bear Jew reported that Bus Cook had reached out to the Bears.  If we assume both reports to be true, there is some type of mutual interest between the Bears and Favre.  I’m not exactly sure how much Favre has left in the tank, especially after last year.  However, the Bears boast a fantastic running game and defense, so Favre wouldn’t be forced to carry the load.

Imagine the circus if Favre returns to Lambeau in Bears uniform during Week 16.  Bringing in Favre is the ultimate high risk, high reward scenario.  Favre may reach into his bag of tricks and push the Bears over the top.  He could just as easily implode and send the season spiraling downward as well.

We will keep you updated on these Favre rumors as they appear.  For those who love number 4, he might just be coming back sooner than we thought.

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