A Chicago Bears Fan Thanksgiving


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I appreciate everyone that reads my blog even those of you that don’t like me very much. We’re all quite blessed with some excellent football today that actually has some relevance to the Bears.

The day opens with the Lions and the Packers. I think the remotest of changes the Bears had to catch the Packers were squashed when Jay Cutler broke his thumb. However, it would be nice to see the Lions start losing. Obviously, this is going to be a very hostile environment today in Detroit. The Lions would like to beat the Packers at home and end the talk about an undefeated season. The Packers would like to wrap up an obvious playoff berth today. The Lions have been winning the talk game this week. I hate the Packers but respect that franchise. I hate the Lions and cannot stand those tools. Tough call, but the best thing for the Bears would be the Lions losing. So I’m cheering for a Lions loss. Yikes I feel dirty. I can’t ever cheer for the Packers but I also have to root for what’s best for the Bears. And trust me, the Lions are jerkoffs too. So lose Lions lose!

The second game in Dallas may even be more significant for the Bears. The Cowboys are nipping at the Bears’ heels. The Miami Dolphins can do the Bears a ginormous favor today and beat those Cowboys. While many feel that this should be a no-contest, the Fins are playing better football as of late. The Cowboys struggled with the Redskins last week. The Dolphins have found a quarterback in Matt Moore that has been lighting up the scoreboard. The fifth year man of Oregon State really improved the Porpoises’ offense. So if Moore can come in and shock the world, why can’t Caleb Hanie play well too? The Cowboys will give up passing yards, and Moore and Brandon Marshall need to take advantage. As I learned last season in Miami, it’s Fins-up Bears fans!

The final game is being pegged the Harbaugh Bowl. The Ravens are coached by brother John and the 49ers are lead by former Bears quarterback Jim. I really like Jim and hope he has continued success. This is going to be a great matchup. The 49ers need to collapse in order to not be a top seed, and honestly, they still don’t get a ton of respect. I’m sold on this team. They just keep winning.

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