Beanie shows that he is no baby

By Ross Dinsdale

In the middle of a tumultuous, soul searching, who are we season, the bright spots have been far and few between.  The victory’s sometimes have come on a personal level more than on a team.  One of those victory’s maybe on of the brightest spots going forward into next season.

Runningback Chris “Beanie” Wells rushed for 228 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, setting a new franchise record in rushing yards.  Beanie started this game still suffering the from the injured right knee he suffered against the Steelers.  He was wearing a brace to help provide support.  This probably helped hinder him from getting into the end zone twice on Sunday.  Both runs were over 50 yards and each time he was tackled just shy of striking gold.  This was also the first game in which he has been seen wearing a brace and probably not the last.

In recent weeks and majority of the past two years, Wells has gained a reputation of being soft and unwilling to play through injury.  It appears that he is desperately trying to change this opinion of himself with his play on field, and not his words.  In his first season as the true feature back here in Arizona, Wells is on pace to set career highs in rushing yards and touchdowns.  The consistency of his play has been erratic from game to game.

Just last week against the 49ers he rushed for a measly 33 yards.  Lets give credit where credit is due.  The 49ers defense is the best in the league against the run. Allowing an average of 75 yards per game.  Beanie tried to play through the injury. His best not being enough.  Now rewind back to the game against Baltimore. Another defense in the top five teams against the run.  He rushed for 83 yards and a score.  All the other games in between and following have been sub par outside of his stellar performance on Sunday.

Although his play is sporadic, Beanie is slowly becoming the back the staff visioned when they drafted him three years ago in the first round.  The addition of Ryan Williams could spell less playing time for Beanie in future seasons, but for now he is the man.  As a Buckeye fan and fan of the Cardinals I can only hope that his production remains at a high level for the rest of the season.



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