Dallas Cowboys Legends Recognize DeMarcus Ware's Record-Breaking Season

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware is quietly becoming one of the greatest pass rushers of all time. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves because of the Cowboys’ inconsistency the past few seasons. However, two of the most legendary Cowboys recognize Ware’s talent and believe his name will one day be above everyone else’s.

Ware is on pace to record his second 20-sack season this year, a feat no NFL player has ever accomplished. If he stays on that pace, he’ll claim his third NFL sack title, also something no NFL player has ever done. Cowboys Hall of Fame defensive tackles Bob Lilly and Randy White realize the magnitude of Ware’s potential.

“If he finishes his career as well as I think he will, he may be in a class of his own,” Lilly said.

“DeMarcus is still making his mark,” White said. “He’s been a great player for the Cowboys, and I still think he’s getting better. He’s still got a long way to go in his career.”

Ware makes such a difference for the Cowboys defensively that it’s become expected of him. Cowboys fans have become accustomed to his elite play, just nodding in approval when he makes a key sack or other impressive play.

The only way to get the Dallas faithful excited is to win. Ware knows that better than anyone and has often stated his goal is to win a Super Bowl, not collect personal awards. Maybe then Cowboys fans and everyone in the football world will realize what DeMarcus Ware means to his team and this game.

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