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Blogging with the Enemy…Kansas City Chiefs

I want to thank Joel Thorman from for this week’s Q and A. He was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me discussing the Kansas City Chiefs. You can hit up this Chiefs’ authority on Twitter at arrowheadpride. Away we go…

CBJ:  How much of a leash does former Chicago Bear assistant coach and current Chiefs’ Chief Todd Haley have?


Joel: We’re not really sure yet. There are definitely reasons to keep him — the AFC West title last year, for one, and the injuries this year making it hard to compete — but then there’s the fact that the Chiefs have fallen considerably in the all-important third year under his control. I think it’s possible the Chiefs let him enter the final year of his contract.


CBJ: Kyle Orton looks as if he will make his Chicago return on Sunday. Any thoughts? What about other former Monster’s of the Midway Thomas Jones and Casey Wiegmann? Are they chirping at all?


Joel: No one’s really chirping. The Chiefs don’t like to hand out bulletin board material so I don’t think you’ll hear much, especially from those three guys. Jones and Wiegmann are locker room leaders and generally don’t say a whole lot. We’ve only talked to Kyle Orton one time.


CBJ: What will it take for the Chiefs to win the AFC West?


Joel: Um,a miracle? The Chiefs would need to run the table and hope Oakland wins just two of their final five games. I don’t see it happening (either one).


CBJ:  What are your thoughts on the phenomenon known as Tim Tebow? I’m sure as a Chiefs fan you have no opinion on this one…


Joel: Well, so far so good, right? He’s 5-1 as a starter and ultimately that’s what matters. That said, they’re somewhat one dimensional so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects them down the stretch. You gotta think the Chiefs, and the rest of the league, get it figured out.


CBJ:  What are your thoughts on the Chicago Bears? What guys stand out to you as a match-up concern?


Joel: The defense, mostly, and specifically the pass rush. The Chiefs offensive line has had its fair share of bad moments and I’d be worried about keeping whoever the quarterback is on Sunday healthy because the backup options aren’t pretty. The Chiefs defense, on the other hand, has been solid more often than the offense so I guess I’m less worried about the Bears offense, especially with Caleb Hanie.


CBJ: The Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Chicago Bears if…


Joel: They win the turnover margin by two or more.


CBJ:  The Chicago Bears will beat the Kansas City Chiefs if


Joel: They don’t turn it over multiple times.


CBJ:  What would you suggest is the most famous feature of Kansas City?


Joel: There are plenty of historical reasons KC is famous but for me (and most people I know) the barbecue is what gets talked about the most.


CBJ:  Do you have a prediction for Sunday?


Joel: Sort of…if Kyle Orton plays, I think the Chiefs have a shot at keeping this close. If Tyler Palko plays (and the defense doesn’t play lights out), it has the potential to be a blowout. Let’s go with the middle ground and say 20-10 in favor of the Bears.


Thanks again to Joel. Hit me up on Twitter at ChicagoBearJew.