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Perry Fewell Has a Message for His New York Giants Defense

A furious Perry Fewell took the stand for reporters today, and his message to the New York Giants defense was clear. He was not happy with their performance on Monday night.

“I was pissed. They got the message and we all understand what is on the line for us. Sometimes if you speak soft, walk soft and carry a big stick, the message gets heard.”

Fewell admitted to seeing some of his players give up and stop short on several plays. That is not only uncharacteristic of his defense, it is embarrassing.

“No doubt,” Fewell said of players quitting on plays. “Being the coach and the leader of the defense, that was disheartening. It was disappointing more than disheartening. Because we don’t coach that. I am going to say it like this, we don’t coach pulling up short. We are not going to accept pulling up short so we won’t pull up short again.”

“We were outplayed, outhustled, they played with more effort, more energy. We got outcoached. We just didn’t play well last week. For whatever reason, I can’t explain that. I don’t think any of those guys can explain that either. We prepared well, we didn’t perform. Bottom line.”

You can’t help but feel like this wouldn’t be as adamant a message if the 11-0 Green Bay Packers and their 34 points a game offense were coming to town.

Fewell continued his rant, focusing on the need to stay disciplined and get to Aaron Rodgers early and often.

“We have to be very disciplined in our rush lanes,” Fewell said. “But more so than disciplined, we got to get after his ass. If we do that and he scrambles, then that is the price he is going to have to pay because we are going to hit him. We are going to hit him.”

If you have ever been to practice, you know that Fewell is a fiery guy, but he rarely shows it on the sideline. I think if the defense starts to lack you could see a new side to Fewell on Sunday afternoon.

“Sometimes you got to give them a kick in the a– to get their motor going,” Fewell said. “Sometimes you have to give them a good shake to remind them what is at stake. But they all have that will.”