Indianapolis Colts Offense VS New England Patriots Defense Keys to The Game

By Chris Ransom

One of the mismatches between the Colts offense and the Patriots defense is New England’s defensive ends.  Indianapolis has injuries at both left tackle and right tackle along with Manning and Kerry Collins both on out with injuries.  Bleow are 3 keys to the game.

Key #1 Can Curtis Painter avoid turnovers?

The Patriots have the NFL’s worst pass defense plus their 2 best players on secondary are out.  Cornerback Devin McCourty and safety Patrick Chung are out with injuries.  Painter has the supporting cast at wide receiver and tight end to pick apart the Patriots secondary.  Can Curtis Painter react to pressure well while making the right decisions?

Key #2 Colts Running Game VS Patriots Run Defense

The Colts have an interior offensive line with Jeff Saturday at center.  The Colts also have quality running back depth even though you could add run blockers for depth on the interior offensive line.

The Patriots have the front 7 to stop the Colts running game.  The Colts can keep Tom Brady off of the field if they win the time of possession battles.

Key #3 Time Of Possession

The Colts have to avoid the time of possession battle if they want to win this game.


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