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Giants vs. Cowboys: “Ware” of Words Starting Between Rivals

Forgive me for the terrible attempt at a pun in the title, I just couldn’t help myself.

The New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys don’t need any extra incentive to hate each other, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to stir things up.

It is no secret that Justin Tuck hates the Dallas Cowboys, and when he called Cowboys stadium a dump, DaMarcus Ware retaliated by saying Justin Tuck wishes he played for the Cowboys, to which Tuck responded beautifully.

“He says that because maybe he wants to play here,” Ware said on Wednesday. “Everybody wants to play for the Cowboys. If I wasn’t playing for the Cowboys I would call it that too, because I want to play for them.”

Here is Tuck’s response:

“I don’t wear Wranglers, cowboy hats, boots or those buckle belts. And I don’t need a star on my helmet to tell me I’m pretty good.”

Then Mike Jenkins took it upon himself to call Brandon Jacobs a bully, as if anyone needed reminding of that. Jacobs ate that up with a spoon.

“I think people who call out bullies are afraid of bullies. If you a call me a bully, that’s how I see it. They’re just sitting back waiting for us to come there, and we’re going in there ready to play football.”

Quotes taken from ESPN New York’s Ohm Youngmisuk and NY Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano.