Philadelphia Eagles LB Casey Matthews Claims Eagles Fans Made His Fiancee Cry

By Bryn Swartz

Rookie Eagles linebacker Casey Matthews claims that his family and fiancee were harrassed by Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field earlier this season.

Matthews was asked about winning over Eagles fans. This is what he had to say:

“I’m trying to. It’s hard. One of the earlier games, they harassed my family and made my fiancee cry. It’s tough. It’s frustrating. That’s just how they are here. If you win they love you, so I guess we’ve just got to turn things around and just start winning again.”

Matthews added that his fiancee was easily identifiable because she was wearing his jersey. She was also with his aunt and little cousin.

In other news, Matthews was promoted to the starting nickel linebacker today, where he will replace Jamar Chaney. Matthews was originally the team’s starting middle linebacker in training camp, preseason, and the first two games of the season. He was switched to weakside linebacker for the team’s third game. But he eventually lost his starting position after displaying absolutely no talent whatsoever on the football field.

Matthews is working with second-year player Keenan Clayton, who was also drafted by the Eagles in the fourth round. Matthews and Clayton are the fourth combination of nickel linebackers for the Eagles this season. They’ve also used Chaney and Matthews, Rolle and Chaney, and Clayton and Chaney.

Chaney will remain the Eagles’ starting middle linebacker, with Akeem Jordan and Brian Rolle on the outside.

In my opinion, the decision to actually put Matthews back onto the football field shows that the Eagles have completely given up on the season. I obviously don’t expect to see this team in the postseason, and the team clearly agrees, after deciding to put Matthews back onto the football field.

Clayton also confirmed that Matthews will be the one wearing the communication headset on the sideline, meaning that the Eagles have the deadly combination of Juan Castillo and Casey Matthews operating the defense in nickel situations.

Yes. That was the sound you just heard of the entire Miami Dolphins team laughing hysterically.

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