Crazy Dolphins Season Turns Fan Against Fan

By Bill Daulton

There is no doubt this Miami Dolphins season is stranger than most.  Before the season, opinions on the Dolphins ranged from them being a 3-4 win team to a legitimate playoff contender.  Everyone had an opinion and no one knew who was going to be right.  Then the Dolphins season started and they proceeded to lose 7 straight games.  During the 0-7 start, a large portion of the fan base began clamoring for Andrew Luck.  They weren’t asking the players or coaches to lose intentionally, but instead cheered when the Dolphins lost games.  This Suck for Luck contingent’s philosophy was that a terrible 2011 could bring about a franchise QB for 2012 and beyond (be it Luck, Jones, Barkley, or Griffin III).  At this point, it was all but certain that Tony Sparano’s job would be someone else’s in 2012.  Yet Ross stuck with him.

Then, the Dolphins beat the Chiefs, Redskins, and Bills, lost to the Cowboys, and beat the Raiders.  The Dolphins currently sit at 4-8, as close to the playoffs as I am to marrying Mila Kunis (not close).  After winning 4 of 5 behind a suffocating defense and a workmanlike QB, Dolphins fans began to split.  The Suck for Luck contingent still views wins as losses, as each win moves the Dolphins further back in the draft order and further away from drafting a franchise QB.  While another contingent of Dolphins fans, let’s call them the Loyalists, want the Dolphins to continue playing well, draft pick position be damned.

This split is something like I’ve never seen before.  And frankly, it’s hard for me to even tell you what I think because I’m torn.  I love nothing more than seeing the Dolphins win games, it’s what I’ve rooted for my entire life.  However, I also know that with each loss, a Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III, moves further and further away from our reach.  This is certainly a frustrating and confusing season to be a Dolphins fan.  What’s even crazier is how it has literally turned fan against fan.  Take a look at the following tweets and you’ll see what I mean:

[blackbirdpie id=”144893094901465088″]

[blackbirdpie id=”144913132748410881″]

[blackbirdpie id=”144925581279105024″]

See what I mean?  This is just a small sample.  Trust me, there are many, MANY more twitter arguments about this topic.  It’s incredible that such die hard fans can have such polar opposite views.  It speaks volume to how bad things have gotten in Miami.  And I haven’t even touched on whether or not Tony Sparano should be back as coach.  That’s a story for another day because this season isn’t done playing out.  I will say this though, the BEST Sparano can finish this year is 8-8…and that’s following back to back 7-9 seasons.  That’s 3 straight years at .500 or lower.  .500 is an interesting number.  It means you won half of your games.  Ironically, about half the fans will be cheering for wins, and half will be cheering for losses…..At least for the rest of THIS year.



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